PieCMS So intuitive - easy as pie!

PieCMS is the world's first multi-site content management system. Launched in 2006 by Don Cormier, PieCMS was 4 years ahead of WordPress, setting the pace for intuitive, easy-to-use content management systems. PieCMS is still the simplest way to manage one, or multiple websites from a single interface. With PieCMS, you can publish new content, and add new pages, and images - all with just a few clicks. 

Intuitive & Easy to Use The PieCMS editor was designed from the ground up to be easy to use for anyone, regardless of their technical ability. By keeping the interface clean and simple, we've made it. PieCMS is the most incredible user experience you'll ever have. So intuitive – easy as pie! 


Though we provide unlimited training and technical support we've often felt like the Maytag Repair Man because they simply don't need much help managing their websites. With PieCMS, anyone can manage a website in minutes, even while standing in line at Starbucks, because you can manage your website using only your thumb and a mobile device.

Our mission is to make managing your website's content the most intuitive experience possible. We're changing website content management systems for the better, one website at a time! 

Cloud Managed 

PieCMS is a "software as a service" ( or "SaaS"), which means it's always on, backed up and secure. You'll never have to worry about updating your website, or paying additional hosting fees because this is an all-in-one package. 

Are software and your website are backed up with multiple redundant back ups daily. This ensures that your website and all its files will never be lost or go down. Remember Rogers Outage in July of 2022? Well that won't happen to you here.

Start Selling Online

Welcome to e-Commerce without pulling your hair out! Simply add your PayPal or Stripe ID, adjust the settings to your liking and start adding products the easy way. Presenting your Products online for purchase looks so professional and it will give your customers the confidence to buy! 

Keep Your Customers Informed

The built-in Blogging Platform makes it easy to share your latest news, product releases or helpful articles with the world. Managing and sharing great content has never been easier. 

Get Found By Search Engines

SEO can be a huge undertaking for any website, not to mention it is usually very expensive. However, we've got you covered with powerful built-in SEO tools that can save you thousands of dollars and help you get found on Google. 

No Technical Skills Required

You don’t need to be a tech expert to manage your website. Our simple point-and-click interface makes it easy for anyone to get online with a beautiful website.

Flexible And Scalable 

As your business grows, your website can grow with you. Our platform is scalable and flexible. So why wait? Contact us now for a demonstration and see for yourself how easy website management can be.