Prior to meeting with the team, Granite Innovations was without a responsive website and had great difficulty managing their website due to a very complicated content management system (WordPress). They were also looking for something that would help to provide their website visitors with a great experience and a lasting impression. At that time the website really seemed to be lacking in a call to action. provided Granite Innovations with an elegant website design that would increase their visitors experience. The design was aimed at the ideal personality profile inside their target market. We also provided Granite Innovations with the most intuitive content management system ever created. We chose PieCMS Four it's incredibly intuitive interface. In fact, it is so intuitive, that it is as easy as pie hence the creative name.

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Some Recent Testimonials

  • "When I heard that this was going to be as easy as pie, I naturally assumed they would be exaggerating a little. That is certainly not the case here. As someone who finds it difficult to navigate around a smart phone, I'm amazed how intuitive PieCMS really is."...
    Nicole Grigorov - Canadian Clothing Exchange
  • "10 out of 10 - Don has been incredible and his work is phenomenal. We are so happy with everything he has done for our company!"
    Enviro-Niagara Heating & Air Conditioning
  • "Great personal service, a genuine interest in our business and our success. Knowledgeable, professional and a great product."
    Life Lighting Products Ltd.